Device Activation

SideWinder-AP Setup

  1. Plug the USB power cable (provided) into the port on the SideWinder AP labelled ‘Power’.
  2. Plug the RJ45 cable (provided) into the socket labelled ‘WAN’ on the SideWinder AP.
  3. Plug the 5V power supply plug onto the USB power cable. If you intend to use a USB power socket on the router, follow step 4 first before plugging in.
  4. Plug the RJ45 cable into a free and active port on the router or network switch.
  5. Plug the power supply into a 3 pin wall socket and switch on.
  6. The two outside lights should be on after approx. 30-60 seconds.
  7. Isolate the SideWinder device (AlertMaxx2/Rego1) – mains power (both if applicable).
  8. Remove the device lid (4 x screws) and disconnect the 6V battery (both cables).
  9. Insert the SEU/Wi-Fi card into the corresponding slot on the mother PCB (far left) and ensure to switch the black control switch to the ‘SEU’ position.
  10. Plug in the battery, replace the lid on the device and power on the supply/s.
  11. The device will shortly start to flash fast blue to indicate the first data records are being sent to the SideWinder Tech remote monitoring system.
  12. Setup is now complete.
  13. If you experience issues during setup, please email our tech team at
  14. If you are setting up the Wi-Fi on the device for the first time, please login and complete the activation form below.
    Do not switch anything else on the SideWinder-AP or push Reset.