What is the SideWinder?

SideWinder Tech™ has developed a cutting edge system that allows pump service organisations to provide complete off-site pump station remote monitoring, giving their customers total assurance that their pump station is always in top quality order. The SideWinder monitoring system is the first piece of software designed to allow predictive maintenance in the domestic pump market. 

The SideWinder remote monitoring system retrieves data from connected devices installed on pump stations (pump monitoring device). This data is analysed by the system using algorithms that feed the data through a traffic light threshold system. The data is also used to track short term and long term trends while picking up events and alerting on demand. One of the unique selling points of the system is the automated insulation resistance (megger) test that is conducted every two days (or on-demand), SideWinder Tech™ uses this data to monitor the health of pumps via the Operations Centre.