The ‘heart’ of your basement

Pumps are the heart of any basement, so it’s only right that they have a ‘heartbeat’. Any SideWinder compatible device, when connected to your Wi-Fi will provide a data heartbeat to the SideWinder monitoring system every 15 minutes. A heartbeat provides the SideWinder with a package of data, the SideWinder then analyses this data and […]

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What is the SideWinder?

As technology evolves and life becomes faster, we would like to take away one of those unnecessary stresses, your pump station. SideWinder Tech has developed a cutting edge system that will provide complete off-site pump station remote monitoring, giving you total assurance that your pump station is always in top quality order. The SideWinder monitoring […]

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How do I sign up?

Contact your local SideWinder Certified Installer who can be found here. You’ll need a wireless internet connection (Wi-Fi) and a SideWinder compatible device (such as an AlertMaxx2). SideWinder Certified Installers are officially trained in the installation and workings of the SideWinder monitoring system. They can be trusted to set up your new monitoring system to the highest […]

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